Private In-Home or Online Science Tutoring


I have been told I am an “Awesome” tutor. Since I am too polite to argue, I will accept that assessment. This begs the question: What qualities distinguish an awesome tutor from just a good tutor when you’re considering Private In-home or online Science Tutoring.

Well, there are many qualities that drive the character of my work, but I will limit myself to expounding, here, on three. 

Patience with All Learners

I have found that even the most well-meaning instructor is ineffectual if they are not considerate of the fact that all students are NEW to subject matter their first time through and, therefore, will require time to absorb concepts presented to them.

NONE of us is born with the knowledge of the universe.

My job is to invite them to the World of Science.

In my travels, I have found that the draconian salt-mine approach motivates NO ONE. Unfortunately, while dressed up in pastels and anthropomorphic animals the current pacing of many curriculums is just that. Testing is King and the rest of us just peasants. REAL Science, unfortunately, doesn’t work that way it is a story that needs to unfold in order to be understood.

Command of the Material

While aptitude is valuable, there is NO substitute for experience. The sciences do not “sing” to you until you have lived with them cheek to jowl for a good number of years; until you have “lived” with its story. Simply put, a broader and more in-depth understanding of what science can and can’t accomplish, what it has done for mankind in the past and what the future may hold for all of us provides a seasoned science tutor with the ability to convey the full and sweeping impact that the Natural and Applied Sciences has on all our lives.

When I see Science it looks like this………..

Private In home or online Science Tutoring

and while most people might see a tangled mess, I see a dance; a give and take; an ebb and flow that all feeds a process that is unique and beautiful.

I tutor to bring The Dance of science to as many people as I can.


A while ago I wrote about my experiences as a Chemistry Tutor. I talked about the art of tutoring.

That art is knowing who the student is.

Some students are fiercely independent. They want to be in the driver’s seat AT ALL TIMES. My policy is let them drive. Eventually, they will realize that they actually have NO CLUE how to drive, giving me an opportunity to ask whether they would like me to take the wheel for a little while. This done, they realize that they have limitations, that I am there to meet them at the edge of those limits and that eventually, I will hand back the wheel when their independence is fueled by the skills that will sustain them in all future adventures.

Some students, however, are deathly afraid of failure and judgment. They live in fear of not having the RIGHT answer, that everyone will think they are not smart enough. My first response is let them know that no matter what, I am never going to judge them. I also try to help them understand that the ONLY person who they ultimately have to please is themselves. That is a hard sell in the hypercompetitive atmosphere of academics these days, but that is of NO consequence. Once they BELIEVE that they will find THEIR answer the ‘right’ one comes easy. They morph into the kind of person who meets challenges head-on with confidence and pride.

A great tutor is attuned to the rhythm and pulse of a student’s persona; what they value, how they see themselves and what they want out of life.


A Great Science Tutor is a Mentor, a model of organization, commitment, and resourcefulness. A student should be inspired by a tutor’s zeal for the art, dance, and beauty of The Sciences.

A Great Science Tutor a Catalyst, an unchanging, steadfast anchor in a sea of academic chaos who helps the student transform themselves into the independent thinker they are meant to be. 

A Great Tutor of ANY kind is a Friend, a presence that last years after the sessions end.

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