Science Tutoring Session


You will not be buying science from me. We will be beginning a conversation.

Utilizing one-on-one video conferencing we will formulate a variety personalized strategizes for the preparation of lesson plans, units and semester-long themes for your presentation of science in the classroom.

The New Standards will be placing added pressure on ALL educators to create approaches to help students meet a broad range of science and technology performance expectations.

My philosophy for aiding you in creating your own identity as a science educator includes:

  • Planned Obsolescence: My primary goal is to put myself out of a job. If we can work together to help you find your inner science nerd (everybody has one) I can confidently leave you to be the productive, independent research scientist you are meant to be.
  • Modeling Scientific Thought Processes: If I teach you how to think like a scientist, you will instinctively act like a scientist and then model that behavior for your students
  • Myth Busting: Science is NOT difficult. Science is NOT scary. Science IS true magic.
  • Dog with a Bone: I am tireless when it comes to finding answers. We pose the questions together, you go and do your day job, I’ll have solutions when next we meet.
  • Controlled Chaos: Good science is messy, unpredictable and unruly. Let me help you understand that REAL learning doesn’t take place until you, as Elsa says, let it go.

Don’t do this alone. Talk to me, we can do this together.

(Select the number of hours of consulting you would like to purchase. Questions? Contact me.)



Each Session of Tutoring

1 Hour of Intensive One-on-One Discussion of Organization, Approach, Curriculum Content and Concerns

Unlimited Follow-up by Text or Email

Creation of personalized review materials e.g. Flash Cards, etc.

Tutoring SessionTutor Session

Citation of Web Content and Apps that can be used for supplementing the current material