Science Coaching Session


Let me help you discover the ideal science student which lies within your child.

If your child doesn’t buy into his or her own education process then there is nothing I or anyone else can do to help them. The trick is to have them work hard because THEY want to work hard and do well. Everyone is different. Some of us can get more out of one image than from a full page of text. Some of us need to know not only how something works but how it relates to his or her everyday life.

Using video conferencing I can help your child find the approach that makes schoolwork work for them.

I have mentored students at a variety of educational levels. Graduate students are no different than Kindergarteners, they both want to feel like THEY are in the driver’s seat when it comes to THEIR lives and school is a huge part of their lives. I can give them the tools to take command of their process and master not only science but any subject that comes their way.

My philosophy for creating independent thinkers includes:

Confidence Building: I focus on the positive. Play to your strengths while identifying your weaknesses. When you identify your weaknesses, don’t hide, stare them in the face until they back down.

Personalized Note Taking: I write and draw while I discuss any topic. Creating a log of all conversations during split-screen video conferencing results in a history of all the work that goes into our study time together.

Technology Tools: Use technology for all that it can provide, Primary source material, databases, science reporting and news articles can be accessed to give you all the information you need to formulate your personal understanding of science. Ultimately, no one can fear the answers when they are the master of the questions.

Analog Living: Technology is a means to an end, not the other way around. You wouldn’t carry around a hammer just because to beeped and blinked. Your thoughts are more powerful than any device. By encouraging your child to create a handwritten journal of everything they encounter, as I have with former students, I would hope to promote an intellectual self-reliance that no machine can provide.

Your child will grow. They will be taking a step down to meet the challenges of standardized exams.

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1 Hour of One-on-One Discussion of Curriculum, Student Benchmarks and Expectations, Development of Classroom Lesson Plans including preparation of Posters, Slide Shows and Rubrics to meet School, District, and National Requirements.

Unlimited Follow-up by Text or Email

Citation of Web Content and Apps that can be used for supplementing the current material