New Feature: Sound

Screen Capture Narration

I’ve created a sampling of videos to supplement the initial set of written instructions for the free lesson plan featuring the creation of an archeological dig at home or in the classroom.

KM Materials and Methods 1 2014

When working with ANY age group, my principal philosophy is that “no learning takes place until people start getting their hands dirty”.

This lesson is a great way to give a group of students a challenge that can be met by any and all.

While the activity speaks for itself on paper, some find an audio walk-through helpful for understanding the reasoning behind the creation of the project.

Taking the two figures from the Materials and Methods section, I have made a handful of screen capture videos to supplement the text.

Just download the exercise and follow along.

Once you have viewed Part 1 below, videos for Part 2 and Figure 2 are also featured on the new YouTube channel.  Enjoy and let me know if this is something you would like to see more of.

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