How It Works Issue 89 Review

Science and Technology

This month’s How It Works is chock–a-block full of some very interesting material, from an estimation of the number of cells in a human body, SPOILER ALERT, it is more than 5, to an EXHAUSTIVE examination of top-of-the-line race cars (Gotta move magazines).

In all of this, two points caught my eye

How It Works Issue 89 Review


Drones are not THEE most ubiquitous mobile devices around, but I am afraid that that is just a function of time and affordability.

The cover article examines some of the more responsible uses for drones, such as, the scanning of Archeological sites for establishing more precise digging locations and the Stifling of the Poaching of Endangered African Wildlife.

One of the sidebars discussed the extraterrestrial use of drones so I was, of course, intrigued.

How It Works Issue 89 Review

Rovers and probes sent to other planets are not News, but this Flying Wing design is definitely different.

Its streamlined form is supposed to render the drone more fuel efficient for longer planetary surveys.

Looks pretty good, what could possibly go wrong?

Richard Feynman

To be 100% honest, my only real exposure to Richard Feynman up until this article has been the BIG Bang Theory’s saga of Sheldon and his Break-Up Cats.

How It Works Issue 89 Review

He was apparently quite the “Cool Dude” as well as, of course, brilliant and, as the action photog at the opening of the article demonstrates, somewhat of a looker.

Here the deal.

You’re ten and you build your own lab (employing your baby sister as a tech for four cents a week) and at fifteen you teach yourself trigonometry and calculus, sounds like you have peaked, right?

NAAAAAAH! I think you can join the Manhattan Project and jot down a few doodles that become the basis for understanding the interaction of subatomic particles at the quantum level……Oh, Yeah….and here’s your Nobel Prize.


He died tragically young, but left behind a legacy that I, myself, am now excited to explore.

Book Reviews

Dorling Kindersley, my FAVORITE publisher, will shortly release an updated edition of David Macaulay’s seminal masterpiece, the freshly titled  “The Way Things Work Now”. This edition has added the workings of smartphones and, surprise, surprise quadcopter drones.

The October release date can not come fast enough.

All in all, an excellent issue, as always. Until next Month, watch this space for more reviews.

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