Customized Lesson Planning for the Classroom and at Home

Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning, with an eye toward the ultimate goals of the school Year, can be THEE most daunting task for teachers and Home-School Parents.

Customized Lesson Planning for the Classroom and at HomeTeachers: Have you been given a stack of ring binders with a collection of Mismatched Lesson Plans coupled with the “Administrative Support” of a “Go Get-em!” followed by a Hardy Hand Shake and the POP of the vacuum filling the space left behind by the Curriculum Director’s light-speed departure from your classroom?

Parents: Is it only the second week of September and your kids are already four months behind on their schoolwork?

How can success be achieved by the end of the year, when the deck is stacked against that success on Day One?

Been There. Done That. Call me…….I can help.

I have recently posted an introductory lesson plan that can give you an idea of what we can create together. Give it a look.

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