The Great Hall of Dinosaurs Review

The Great Hall of Dinosaurs

This book hits the trifecta for a Dinosaur-Lovers Dreams. PaleoArt, Details of DIno Biology and an Hommage to The Akeley Hall of African Mammals in the American Museum of Natural History, come together to make this the kind of book that I want to be buried with.

The Great Hall

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Air Takes Up Space

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Draw-a-Saurus Review


The first thing that a child draws, another than themselves, is a dinosaur. If they would like those dinos to look less like big dogs and more like prehistoric heavyweights, this is the book for you.

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Dinosaur News

Dinosaur Love

I make NO secret of the fact that dinosaurs got me into this science mess in the first place.

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The Philosophy of Science Forms


Reality is messy and infinitely complicated. Historically, in order to get a handle on this mess, humankind created models; smooth-edged symbolic representations that stand in for the sloppy bits. With apologies to Plato, I like to call them Forms. Learning about and playing with these little pictographs gives us the power to come to a better understanding of the world around us

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I’m Back


Having taken much longer to recover from Last Summer’s Surgery, I would now like to commit to posting on the following subjects, ideally, three times a week…working toward daily.

Thank You for your Patience, TCK Ryan

The Sciences:

Subject Review, Study Strategies, At-Home and Classroom Experiments, and Key Web Pages of Note

The State of Science Education:

PARCC, NGSS and The Common Core

Visual Narrative:

Art, Graphic Novels, Video and Film

The New York Times:

Science, Arts, Education, Culture


How It Works, World of Animals, ImagineFX,

My Library:

New and Classic Non-Fiction in History, Art and Science

The Museum:

Science, Art and Natural History

Field Trips:

Parks, Museums, Cities and Towns

Mind and Body Building:

Mental and Physical Approaches to Achieving one’s Personal Best


Continuing Education: Art

Drawing in The Galleries

I have returned to the Museum of Fine Arts’ “Drawing in the Galleries” program on Wednesday Evenings.


The program, which is free, and is held on the Free Night at the Museum, is one of the best and most humbling ways to spend the evening in Boston if you consider yourself an artist.

I bring my own materials, but all is provided on site. Pick up your folding chair near the information desk and head to the gallery setup for the night. The location changes week to week, so just check with the desk. They can direct you to the proper location.

Two models, in separate galleries close to one another, begin the evening with 30 second poses. Depending on the experience of the model, two minute, five minute and finally twenty minute poses follow. This continues for three hours from 6 to 9PM……as I said earlier, a humbling experience.

014Gesture 220150811_17431492

I am focused on “Gesture Drawing” at the moment, so rather than attempting a fully realized drawing of the model, I create multiple quick sketches in an attempt to capture the energy of the pose.

EVERYONE is different, and attends for very different reasons.

Age range is LITERALLY six to sixty. The two young ladies who sat in front of me with their mom for the first hour this last week were probably six and eight. They were adding A LOT of things that were not in the gallery. Brightly-colored Stars, Clouds and Ponies surrounded a pretty good likeness of the model. THAT is art in its essence.

Random museum goers also wonder in and out, all are interested in what is going on and some even join in.

We live in a very unique place.

Boston provides us with opportunities that many other people don’t enjoy.

Take advantage and come sit.

Today in the New York Times: July 7, 2015

Remnant of Boston’s Brutal Winter Threatens to Outlast Summer

During the Voldemort-like winter that some people in Boston still, to this day, do not want to mention by name lest another be summoned before it’s time, photos of people standing atop mountains of snow and ice, some with flags, were sent around the stream-o-sphere to both astonish and amaze folks lucky enough to live in places without wind chills in the minus twenties.

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Today in the New York Times: July 5, 2015

Wild in the Streets: A 24-Hour: Field Guide to New York City

As a kid growing up in Manhattan, I didn’t know I was supposed to be living in a “concrete wasteland”.

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Today in the New York Times: Part Deux

The Common Core

Today’s foray into the Common Core War speaks to the philosophical essence of education.

The underlying question raised by the article is:

Is the incorporation of student assessment a good thing?

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