How It Works Issue 89 Review

Science and Technology

This month’s How It Works is chock–a-block full of some very interesting material, from an estimation of the number of cells in a human body, SPOILER ALERT, it is more than 5, to an EXHAUSTIVE examination of top-of-the-line race cars (Gotta move magazines).

In all of this, two points caught my eye

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The Philosophy of Science Gesture Arcs


The Geometric Shapes that serve as models for Natural Forms sit motionless without the forces of Gesture. In art, gesture is created by the lines of movement that flow within the rendering of an object. It is how the artist defines the path that the eye travels while viewing an image. In science, gesture is the movement of matter and energy within the Forms (Atoms, Molecules, Cells, Organisms and Systems) from one State to Another.

Art And Science Gesture Art and Science Gesture

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Flash Cards

Sometimes ideas for activities come from unexpected places. I was in Stellabella Toys in Inman Square recently and picked up a set of Flash Cards that I thought were pretty cool. They covered a variety of science and nature subjects and I was pleased to add them to my collection. More importantly, for today, the illustrations were both charming and playfully child-like.

Summer Vacation Activities Flash Cards

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Dahlov Ipcar

Art and Nature

While winding our way back from a friend’s lake house in Northern Maine (Mainers may not think of it as being “North”, but AT&T certainly did when they got a gander at my roaming data usage), we stopped off in Bath to have some lunch and walk around. As usual, I wanted to see what their Public Library had to offer. There I rediscovered the Art of Dahlov Ipcar.

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How It Works Issue 88

Adult Continuing Education August 2016

How It Works Issue # 88 highlights a singular topic and a few books that I would like to share.

How It Works Issue 88

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Even folks who barely know me, know that I am a DK Fanatic.

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Kitchen Middens 1 – Free!

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Summer Fun

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book Make a World

Summer with kids at home or on vacation can sometimes feel like an endless void of desperation. How do I keep them busy without resorting to hours of mindless technology? One of the simplest answers is the extremely creative author Ed Emberley.

Make a World Cover

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Exam Study Guide

Test Taking

Every Student is an Individual. An examination of the highs and lows on quizzes and tests will reveal VERY different strengths and weakness in assessment skills and executive functioning. NOT addressing the unique qualities of each student, dooms all to failure.

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Hemo The Magnificent Review

Frank Capra’s Wonders of Life Series

For Scientists of a Certain Age, these early education films were The Big Bang of our Science Universe.

Hemo The Magnificent

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