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Thomas Christopher Kenneth (TCK) Ryan was born and raised in the Morningside Heights/West Harlem neighborhood of New York City. Following a ‘stellar academic career’ at Corpus Christi Grammar School, Power Memorial High School and Iona College (New Rochelle, NY), he moved the show to Boston, MA. In Boston, Tom earned a doctorate in Biochemistry from Boston University, a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Pulmonary Center in the Department of Medicine at BU, which led eventually to a position as Assistant Professor at the Medical Center. During his time at BU, Dr. Ryan undertook research examining the cellular function of T lymphocytes in both health and disease.

Private Science TutoringFollowing this work, and with a strong interest in biomedical science education, Dr. Ryan joined the Emerging Teachers Program offered by the Boston Public School System, earning a preliminary teaching license in science.
Working initially at The Engineering School at Hyde Park High School, Dr. Ryan undertook the integration of the principles of the BioTeach Program into the Sophomore Biology Curriculum. Subsequently, under the Direction of Christine DeLeo of The Memorial Spaulding Elementary School, Newton, MA, he began the formulation of Experiment-Based Lesson Plans for Fourth and Fifth graders. In response to these experiences, he became interested in providing DIRECT support for teachers, parents, and students who may be overwhelmed by the expectations that the current science curriculum places on EVERYONE.

Applying the mindset and methodology of a graduate-level educator in science to the contents of this site, he hopes to provide coursework and guidance that will, in plain language, help to simplify concepts, making them more accessible to students in all grades as preparation for the challenges that are presented in Elementary and Middle School, High School, College and in Every Day Life.

Krav Maga Self-Defense System

In addition, to his Science training and Teaching, Dr. Ryan has recently taken on the additional role of Mr. Tom at Alpha Krav Maga Boston. Under the Expert Direction of Master Dennis Amato, Mr. Tom has trained in The Krav Maga Self-Defense System for the past four years and is currently a Children’s Instructor for the Five to Twelve-Year-Old Students of the School.

Tutoring in the sciences

This site is about simplicity, relevance, problem-solving and, most importantly, not sweating the small stuff.

Using my experience in teaching science to learners at all levels, I hope to help people navigate through complicated ideas and demanding standards in as stress-free an environment as possible.

The Course Work in Elementary Science that I’m offering to both Teachers and Students provides tested activity-based lessons which contain multiple entry points for science learning.

I am also offering counseling and tutoring for ANY and ALL science learners. My strengths, at the Undergraduate and Graduate level, are Biomedical in nature, however, the key to success is not content…it is the approach.

Learning is all about the journey, so sign up today for, Membership, Counseling, Tutoring; whatever best suits your needs, and……..


Areas of Expertise:

·        Elementary Earth and Natural Sciences

·        High School Biology Chemistry and Physics

·        College Biology and Chemistry

·        Graduate Biology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Cell Biology

Professional History

Boston University Medical School


Presentation Introduction

 Every presentation is a chance to reintroduce oneself to the world.

Information is all around us. We are saturated by it every day, all day. A presentation of ideas, concepts, and goals should ONLY be the beginning of an invitation to your personal views and experiences. No two people see the EXACT same material, the EXACT same way. Set the stage and reveal yourself.

Boston Public Schools

The Workshop Model

Lesson Planning

The transition from BU to the BPL was a little bit of a didactic shock. Traditional Class Lecturing was NOT on the menu. I found that The Workshop Model was the Standard of Care. The Model, I was told, was meant to break Class Time into repetitive “action” elements that, as a whole, should result in reduced metal fatigue, enhanced retention and greater personal investment in the material covered. It took me a while, but I came to see its value and even use it as a mental exercise when approaching lesson planning today.

Private Science Tutoring

Memorial Spaulding


Experiment-Based Lessons

This new adventure introduced me to Frameworks and Benchmarks. These Pre-Common Core Massachusetts-Based Standards were meant to gauge a student’s advancement in each elementary school discipline. Combining my experience in the lab and lecture hall at BU and my work at BPS, I was able to take these Benchmarks and create an experiment-a-week calendar of events which not only fulfilled the requirements of the proposed Frameworks but helped to shape my current view of the value of interdisciplinary learning at a 4th and 5th grade level.

Private Science Tutoring

Alpha Krav Maga Boston


A New World

Taking a sharp left turn, I began training and eventually teaching in the Self-Defense Discipline of Krav Maga. Actually, it wasn’t THAT much of a departure. Everything was there: rules, rubrics, routines, just a different classroom. The experience has expanded my perception of teaching as a form of training for personal success. NO ONE can make you study Molecular Cell Biology OR do push-ups. YOU have to want it bad enough to go get it.

I’m just the guy who will help you keep count.