Welcome to TCK Science

Welcome to TCK ScienceWith TCK Science, I am offering a commonsense approach to science tutoring and education based on my years of experience in the lab, in the classroom and as a mentor to students of all ages. Other than Quantum Mechanics, not much has changed when it comes to the basics. Anyone can pick up a book and get the facts. I can help you see it in a new way. I can help you make it your own.

My Science Tutoring goes well beyond a single session with any student.

During our time together, I endeavor to help them become fluent in the Language of Science, to help them see that our shared understanding of science is based on our shared experience of the world and to, hopefully, help them establish a lasting and impactful relationship with scientific thought.

Each Session of Tutoring Includes

1 Hour of Intensive One-on-One Discussion of Organization, Approach, Curriculum Content and Concerns
Unlimited Follow-up by Text or Email
Creation of personalized review materials
Example: Slide Shows of Key Points of Material
Citation of Web Content and Apps that can be used for supplementing the current material

Each Session of Science Consulting:

1 Hour of One-on-One Discussion of Curriculum, Student Benchmarks and Expectations, Development of Classroom Lesson Plans including preparation of Posters, Slide Shows and Rubrics to meet School, District, and National Requirements.
Unlimited Follow-up by Text or Email
Citation of Web Content and Apps that can be used for supplementing the current material.

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Tutoring in the Sciences

Tutoring that fit like a glove. Dr. Tom’s zeal in his approach to my 16 year old daughter’s high school Chemistry challenges not only helped her move ahead, score as on quiz and lab grades, but more surprisingly, she actually likes the course and is more involved in her class than I thought possible. This year Tom coached her on assertively clarifying complex themes in class as well as remaining disciplined with homework, assignments, test preparation, and overall organization extending beyond Chemistry. For me it was a huge relief to know that when questions came up either from my daughter or her teacher, Tom quickly intervened, reached out to the instructor, and settled conflicts like a seasoned attorney. I highly recommend Tom for any parent and student looking for an absolutely superb tutor and academic coach. Julia:)